At NYNOW presenting new Xmas Party Collection

Come see us at Booth 5120! We are here with new packaging and our new Xmas Party Collection!!


National Stationery Show 2016 - Hanging with the Paper People


Tomorrow, the National Stationery Show begins at Javits in NYC! 

It's Time for NYNOW Winter 2016!!

Missy Davis photography

We are back on the wholesale circuit with a whole new collection of crowns to join our Dinner Party Collection from 2015... 

Starting the New Year with a fever...


I've started the new year with a fever. Jimmy Page fever. I've been listening, reading, watching everything Jimmy this week and I'm not sure how I got here...

Lazy and Not-So-Lazy Summer Inspiration

Admittedly, the summer has given me permission to lay around with my pup, read some books, walk around with my pup and then lay around some more.

We Sell Kids Crowns!

Since the beginning of this crown project, I have been asked: "Do you do children's crowns?" As an irreverent brand, it was hard to know how to do the kid thing. If you search 'kids crowns' on Etsy, it's all felt and the number "1" for the first birthday. 


Testing, Testing...

Testing, Testing…we’re back.

Oh baby, it's been awhile.

Well, Instagram happened. Tradeshows. Those happened too. Many birthdays happened as well.

OH! And we changed our name. CROWNS FOR THE PEOPLE.  Isn't it better!?!?

Let's get back to it.

Best looking gift ever.

Imagine being surprised by a beautiful red box with a bow. You have no idea what it might be. You open it up. You take a moment...and you realize someone has sent you...a crown. Why would someone send you a crown? It's a great question. I'm guessing everyone in your life would be able to provide an answer. 

Hand or Machine

My hands. Photo by Rob Howard

Lately, crown designs have been flooding into my head. In some ways, the drive to create has the potential to turn me into a crazed recluse...

An attempt at fan art....

I have been planning this 'homage via crown' since i first saw the trailer of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" last year. 

Valentine's is over. Way over.


How did I spend my Valentine's Day? I did things like needle-felt this heart onto this piece of wool while watching House of Cards as my labrador slept beside me. Not too shabby, i guess.

Now, it's March 8 and Ive finally gathered all of my plans & news for 2014 and wanted to share. 


Last Minute Smart as Shit Gift Guide

For our last gift guide, we have crafted it for the Mark Zuckerbergs in our lives. Annoyingly smart, creative, with a dash of Aspergers. 

Last Minute VIP Gift Guide

When you think VIP, it's fairly obvious what might come to mind: champagne, first class, and well-moisturized. We have selected a few of the obvious for you to keep things simple and spot-on.

Non-Carol Christmas Mix

 I have constructed the perfect Xmas Playlist for myself and people like me...that is, those who are sort of done with Christmas carols this year.

Last Minute Epic Beauty Gift Guide

Epic Beauties come in all forms.

We imagine her as a flower-loving sensualist who takes time in her life to enjoy the sweetness & beauty of life. 

With her in mind, we have curated a list of the perfect gifts this holiday season.

Last Minute Fucking Champion Gift Guide

 Original Scratch Map

We are too late for the Hanukkah peeps but the Christmas peeps are still under the gun. Check out our gift ideas for a fucking champion "LB Jeffries" style.