Last Minute VIP Gift Guide

 When you think VIP, it's fairly obvious what might come to mind: champagne, first class, and well-moisturized.
We have selected a few of the obvious for you to keep things simple and spot-on.



Cheers! Contemporary Champage Flutes

For a VIP, Champagne is the most obvious accessory but champagne FLUTES! Now there's an idea!

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Binchotan Eye Mask

Layers of Binchotan charcoal in this padded eye mask work to enhance blood circulation and relax muscles around the eyes for improved sleep, meditation, or stress relief. And it's Japanese.

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Bourbon Marshmallows

The bourbon is obvious, the marshmallows...not so much.

I just ordered these myself. For myself.

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VIP Crown in black linen

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A rare combination from the Exotic, Aztec, Italian and Groove Collections,
these truffles engage the passions of chocolate purists everywhere.
Kiehl's Creme de Corp Collection
The cherished Creme de Corps products, rich in all-day hydration, are ideal for luxuriously pampering dry skin.
It kind of doesn't get better than this.

Stay tuned for one more gift guide this week!