Starting the New Year with a fever...

I've started the new year with a fever. Jimmy Page fever. I've been listening, reading, watching everything Jimmy this week and I'm not sure how I got here.

Wait, I do. After the Kennedy Center Honors in December, I watched old clips from prior honors and was reminded of the 2012 honorees, Led Zeppelin, which reminded me of the doc "It Might Get Loud" which reminded me that Jimmy Page's story was the most interesting of the bunch etc. etc.

Now, he is reminding me of the power of focus, determination, passion and maybe some divine intervention. 

{Who do you know inspires you in this way? Tell them now.}

Example: When his parents moved the family out of London into a flat in Surrey, England, the previous residents had mysteriously left a guitar behind. Jimmy found it and that. was. it. 

Example: He started working as a session guitarist and became one of the best, playing on (supposedly) 60% of the albums released in Britain in the early sixties. When it was time to leave the studio scene, he had put in his "10,000 hours" by age 20 and now had a vision for his own independent artistry. Today, he is considered one of the greatest living guitarists in the world. 

And, it's his birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mr. Page!

Another tidbit...

During his first rehearsal/meeting with Robert Plant in 1968, Page played the track "Babe, I'm gonna leave you" from a Joan Baez live album because he had ideas about the new band (soon to be Led Zeppelin, of course) using it. 

Well, it's Joan Baez's birthday today, too! 


 To honor Joan, let's take a moment and witness her timeless greatness:  

{Who else do you know deserves to be in the spotlight? Tell them with this.}

I'm feeling good about this year. I hope you are too. Let's celebrate each other.

"Let the beauty we love, be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi