Non-Carol Christmas Mix


I have constructed the perfect Xmas Playlist for myself and people like me...that is, those who are sort of done with Christmas carols this year.

It's the Non-Carol Xmas Mix. It includes jazz, spirituals, folk, some choirs, some mentions of Jesus, God and Gabriel and all of them are "old-school" and none of them are carols.

Ive included Vince Guaraldi without including the traditional "Christmas Time is Here" and  instead included 'Ginza Samba' (which in fact made a showing in an episode of Breaking Bad.) I've included Ella and Sarah Vaughn who are well-known, Anita O'Day who is known by some and Chris Connor who no one knows. There is a song performed by Peter Paul & Mary and one by Bob Gibson (a famous folkie who i just discovered.) Spirituals are non-negotiable for me on Xmas so i've included plenty here.

In general, there are lots of surprises here, and, you can even play it after Christmas! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

I've provided both a Spotify version and an Itunes version.

Here is a Spotify link so you can stream the entire playlist straight from the web. FYI - It seems to work best in Safari and Firefox. With Chrome, it seems a little buggy:

Non-Carol Christmas Spotify Playist (See below for Itunes version - Please be aware that some song versions may vary.)