Lazy and Not-So-Lazy Summer Inspiration

Admittedly, the summer has given me permission to lay around with my pup, read some books, walk around with my pup and then lay around some more.

In light of this, I thought i would pass along a daydreamy, inspirational quote from Danielle LaPorte and save the hard sell for September when we start wearing shoes again. She speaks of the possibilities of inspiration -- and that it is everywhere, if you are open.
Stones into fabric. Wheels into songs. Ballgowns into prose. 
If you're really open, you'll be inspired by things outside of your discipline and expertise -- you make connections in the expanse. I watched an interview with Donna Karan walking down the beach. She picked up a striped stone and said, "This pattern will probably show up in my next collection." The Bee Gees were riding over an old bridge in their tour bus and the rhythm of the wheels on the slats turned into the beat for Jive Talkin'. I saw Alexander McQueen's collection at The Met and was struck by how he combined the macabre and the gossamer, and I decided I wanted to write more like McQueen designed clothes: deep-light-deep-light.
And take a look at Steph Davis, a world class rock climber, soloing then base-jumping off one of her favorite routes in Utah. Who knows what it could inspire in you.