Valentine's is over. Way over.


How did I spend my Valentine's Day? I did things like needle-felt this heart onto this piece of wool while watching House of Cards as my labrador slept beside me. Not too shabby, i guess.

Now, it's March 8 and Ive finally gathered all of my plans & news for 2014 and wanted to share. 

First, Ive discovered that crown-making is not for the faint of heart. 

Second, crown plans haunt me in my sleep and this is good. There are too many to count but some of them include:

- A new limited edition collection that includes hand-beaded crowns. The beads had to make their appearance at some point and now they are here. In my mind, they are so beautiful and are really meant to be jewelry. Each bead is hand-sewn. And those prints! Im obsessed. Only a "handful" of each style will be made as the fabric is very limited and the labor required is even more so :) 
- A limited edition cityscape crown that was inspired by music as well as Charlene Mullen's work. In my attempt to create a crown based on a Joni Mitchell song, the 'Night in the City' crown emerged. This, of course, led to a 'Pink City' crown inspired by the Ditty Bops (of course!) They are in 'prototype' stage for now and are fueling a new collection as we speak.
- As the felted heart might suggest, I have been embarking on a wool experiment....and it all started with 'Little Charlie.' More on this later.
- Photos with people wearing crowns. This is loooong overdue. Crowns for the People, yo.
- Hope to be in some retail stores this year. If you have any thoughts on great shops that would be into the crowns, send me an email at ! I would be so grateful!
- We got skinny...and it has nothing to do with Weight Watchers. More later. 
- The Eight Point Manifesto is in development. It has started with "Eat a Cake, Puke on Your Friends" and will continue. I have a lot of "wisdom" to share, and it's all (all of it) been stolen from others and thus deserves to be shared (with full attribution, of course.) We will do so in the coming year to eventually express the collection of thoughts via an exquisite manifesto. 
- Starting a little category called "Crown Crush" for the blog because there's just too much to love out there.
- And, I haven't even mentioned the several new releases expected in the next month and beyond but i will leave it there for now!

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