We Sell Kids Crowns!

Since the beginning of this crown project, I have been asked "Do you do children's crowns?" As an irreverent brand, it was hard to know how to do the kid thing. If you search 'kids crowns' on Etsy, it's all felt and the number "1" for the first birthday. 

In contrast, my toddler collection strives to be a little more creative and a tad more random. I have paired some of my favorite designs here with children's books that also have some pizzazz. 

Above: I Love Cheese Crown and The Mouse and the Moon Made of Cheese


LITTLE BRIGHT STAR - Little Bright Star Crown and The Little Prince 70th Anniversary Edition


MY FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT - My Future's So Bright,  I Gotta Wear Shades Crown and Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses


FLOWER CHILD - Flower Child Crown and Waiting for Wings