Eat a cake. Puke on your friends.

Puking always makes me think of college, probably like a lot of people. And, indeed, it is there that it became an unlikely spiritual idea.

The proclamation, "Eat a cake. Puke on your friends," was expressed by my beloved college roommate, Jen. S.

Given as advice to a friend who ate applesauce for dinner, and who had great difficulty letting go and enjoying her life, it became a sort of mantra. Eventually, I wrote it in black marker on our plywood loft. 

While at first it seems like a boundary-less and irresponsible sentiment, I now consider it to be pure poetry. To me, it conveys the following: "I'm giving you permission - to play, to eat, to relax. And while there may be consequences, you will be okay, because we are here, and we love you."

It's a lovely idea, and it's the idea I'm opening up my blog with. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is communicating this...relax, let go, we are here.

Thanks for being here.

Crowns for the people,


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